Insect Identification

There are only a relatively small number of insects that infest structures, but sometimes we need to ensure that people are addressing an issue because it is a certain kind of pest. If someone brings down an insect and says it is a bed bug, usually even office staff could confirm this if they had a sample of bed bugs in a container, or if they had pictures of what they look like. But if the item is very tiny, and no one is sure what it is, then an insect ID becomes a very important tool, part of the knowledge base of IPM.

I am pleased to offer insect I.D. services

It is best to send the sample by courier either in a plastic bottle, or in alcohol in a specimen jar. If the insect is on a glue trap, please place into a small box so the insect does not get gucked up into a surface without any chance of ID.

Insect I.D. is usually a confirmation of a suspected insect or statement that it is not that insect.
Most structural pests can be easily identified.
For a case of an unknown sample not suspected, I will try to ID using an insect key.


Option A

For confirmation of suspected insect or statement that it is not that insect $40
If the suspected insect is readily identifiable, this will be noted by common name to Genus and species whenever possible.This will include a digital image of the sample sent to client as a jpeg file at a resolution of 1.2 megapixels for ease of e-mailing. I will keep on file an image of 18 megapixels if the ID were needed in a legal context.

Option B
For an unknown uncommon insect, I will use a key to identify to species. $75
If I am not sure of the species I will either send it to another entomologist who is more expert in taxonomy or return it without charge.

Option C
Inspection of unknown samples from tenant suspected to have Delusory Parasitosis $40 – $95 (time)I will examine the samples looking for any evidence of arthropods and report what was found. This can involve a low power power screening and/or a microscopic examination depending on amount of sample.


Delusory parasitosis is a mental condition when someone believes that they are being bitten even when there is no evidence that this is the case. This is fairly rare, but is increasing due to the bed bug resurgence. Some cases are extreme, but this can happen to anyone under the right circumstances and situation. I also can handle these cases as an investigative undertaking with the inspection of samples as part of the job.


In the vast majority of cases, Option A is preferred.