I've pasted my CV/Resume below for information purposes.

Between the lines: I have always loved learning and this has been a most important part of my career, and I still spend a considerable time learning from the internet, from colleagues, and from clients.



Sam Bryks, M.Sc. B.C.E.[1]

IPM Consultancy,

536 Rustic Road, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA,   647-708-5712 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



For information purposes: I am interested in various assignments and contract work involving Integrated Pest Management Program Development, Training and Implementation, expert witness support,  as well as assisting in writing and editing documents.  I am also experienced in Asbestos Management and Mould Management in housing structures.


Summary of Qualifications

More than 30 years experience in pest management at senior levels.

  • 8 years as Quality Assurance Manager with a national pest control firm involving account oversight.\
  • 23 years Managing IPM program in largest non-profit housing organizations in Canada (MTHA/TCHC)
  • Experienced writer and editor in the business environment (specifications, guidelines, proposals, educational material and a variety of communications for direct report Manager)
  • 10 years as lead in Managing Asbestos and Mould issues in housing
  •  Board Certified Entomologist in Urban and Industrial Entomology,  (Acted as Entomologist for Toronto Bed Bug Committee)
  • Holder of 5 Structural Exterminator Licenses (General, Termite, Fumigation, Mosquito/Biting Flies, Land)
  • Former Director, Ontario Food Protection Association
  • Former Member, Ontario Pesticide Advisory Committee (two 3 year appointments)
  • Instructor Food Plant Sanitation Program Seneca College (approximately 8 years)
  • Former Member of  Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency Select Advisory Committees (Bed Bugs, Termites, General Pest Control)[2]


Work Experience


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Consultancy, Toronto                                  2010 to Present

Principal, (Independent Consultant)

  • Workshop on Bed Bug Management Toronto… 40 Attendees
  • Chapter in Professional Book on Urban Pest Management (IPM in Housing)
  • Article in online journal on Landlord Tenant Cases before Landlord Tenant Board


Housing Services Inc, Toronto                                                                               2001 to 2010

Manager, Environmental Health Programs

  • Developed IPM specifications and training
    • Trained and Provided Program for Ottawa Community Housing
    • Developed program for Toronto Community Housing
    • Lead development of online database for pest management at MTHA TCHC
  • Asbestos Audits/Training
    • Project managed asbestos audit for TCH
    • Trained Staff on Asbestos Audit Procedures
    • Trained superintendents and Community Housing Supervisors in Asbestos
  • Mould Survey and Audits
    • Organized tenant survey of mould issues in critical sites
    • Inspections of sites from results of survey
  • Hazardous Unit Management (being updated)
    • Developed plan and process with Fire Safety Officer and 2 Community Relations Workers as a self-initiated action dealing with hoarding issues (2000)
    • Plan was provided to MTHC and TCHC senior management (never implemented)                     



Metro Toronto Housing Authority, Toronto                                                            1987 to 2000

Manager, Pest Control Programs

  • Lead the first IPM program in housing in North America
  • Reduced pests and use of pesticides dramatically
  • Wrote manual “IPM in Housing” for Ontario Non Profit Association (has been recognized by various agencies including EPA as a valuable resource)


Abell Pest Control, Toronto

Manager, Quality Assurance                                                                                     1979 to1987

  • Developed computerized quality assurance database
  • Key account oversight – chain accounts and major food plants
  • Improved quality of writing and reporting  of staff to key clients
  • Staff Training



M.Sc. Anatomy, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg                                                             1971

            Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Cell Biology,

Thesis: Experimental Asbestosis in Rat Lung

            Advisor: F.D. Bertalanffy, Ph.D. (deceased)


B.Sc. Zoology,University of Manitoba, and Winnipeg                                                        1967            Major: Zoology

            Minor: Chemistry, Microbiology


            Management (Manager Development) Course – George Brown College                  2000’s

            Adult Education Skills – Seneca College                                                               1990’s

            Benchmarking – independent consultant course Ontario Government                      2000’s

            Best Practices Management – independent consultant course Ontario Government2000’s


Computer Skills

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Other: Microsoft Project, Visio (have taken course in Project, self taught in Visio)

I started using computers in 1982 – self-initiated.


Writing Skills/Languages

English: experienced writer and editor in business environment. I have also edited scientific articles for colleagues.

French: basic


Activities and Interests

Photography, Poetry (lead a Poets’ Workshop), Literature (avid reader of fiction and nonfiction), Film, History,

Volunteer Work: I was a reader/monitor in the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Library.


References by request

Technical Expertise/Knowledge


Changlu Wang, Ph.D.  Rutgers University

Clive Boase, Pest Management Consultancy, U.K.

Dawn Gouge, Ph.D. University of Arizona

Susan Jones,Ph.D, Ohio State University

Kathy Seikel, EPA, Washington

Wendy Burpee, Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency, Health Canada

Shaun Lalla, Senior Scientist , Pesticides Section, Ontario Ministry of Environment


Work Colleagues

Larry Blackstock Toronto Community Housing (retired)

Peter Pavlovic, Consultant, Housing Policy




  1. Delusory Parasitosis in Journal Canadian Public Health
  2. Bed Bug Tool Kit, on behalf of ONPHA 2009 (under revision as “Bed Bug Essentials”)
  3. IPM in Housing – ONPHA Manual shared copyright 2000
  4. Providing Integrated Pest Management to Low Income Housing Chapter 7 in Urban Pest Management (CABI Press 2011)
  5. 44 Cases before Landlord Tenant Board. online journal 2011
  6. Primer on Bed Bug Management – for Toronto Bed Bug Project information item
  7. Bed Bug Information/Preparation for Treatment for ONPHA. Original video-script (dialogue and image descriptions) Review editing for accuracy and appropriate content. 2009
  8. Review and Edit: Guidelines for Bed Bug Management in Health Care Institution (confidential) 2012



1987 – 2000 Samples

  • Scarborough Public Health (IPM in Housing)
  • North York Public Health (IPM in Housing)
  • Etobicoke Public Health (annual meetings for update of staff in IPM  during 1990’s)
  • City of Toronto Public Health Branch East on Mould Issues
  • MTHA On site tenant information sessions at request of Property Management
  • National Pest Management Association Toronto
  • Structural Pest Control Association Annual Meeting Toronto
  • Urban Pest Management Conference Maryland, U.S.A. Presented Paper (1991)


2001 - 2012

  • City of Toronto Workshop on Bed Bugs Leader
  • City of Toronto Public Health Branch on Mould Issues Leader
  • Woodgreen Town Hall Meeting on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • City of Hamilton / Good Shepherd Town Hall on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • Mimico Town Hall Meeting on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • St. Jamestown Town Hall Meeting on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • City of Ottawa Rooming Division/Public Health – public workshop on bed bugs plus separate Workshop for Public Health and Rooming Division Staff Leader
  • Ottawa Community Housing IPM-CAP Training (full day) Leader
  • Federation of Rental Property Owners/Greater Toronto Apartment Association workshop
  • Ottawa Public Health Workshop on Bed Bugs (half day workshop, Leader)
  • Kingston Public Health Workshop on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • Peel Region Public Health Workshop on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • Brockville Public Health Workshop on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • Waterloo Public Health Workshop on Bed Bugs Speaker
  • Ryerson University Student Housing Services Half day workshop (Leader)


In progress

  • IPM Standards for  Federation of Rental Property Owners
  • IPM Guidelines Manual for Ryerson University Student Housing Services
  • Bed Bug Essentials (bed bug management toolkit )
  • University Institution (confidential): Review & Recommendations re: Bed bugs in classrooms, library facilities, offices, gym facilities, open spaces (completed Nov. 2012)



  • Entomological Society of America
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association






[1]Board Certified Entomologist

[2]These committees were ended with government cutbacks.